Chief Jim

Sunday, May 07, 2006

It's been awhile

Well I am finally getting to post after some time. So this might be a little long. My internet was down for about 3 weeks. Lets see Brett started base ball about 3 weeks ago, he is doing really well with it. He really enjoys playing. I hope to make a game this week if everything works out. He was selling onions for his team and I bought a "box" well the " box" came in this week and it had a total of about 10 small and I mean small onions in it, I had to laugh about it. Guess for 6 dollars I should have known but it went to a good cause.I no longer work or LVFD. I went to upper Hominy full time as a shift captain. I am really enjoying it. We have been doing alot of work around there to get it cleaned up and working to get it on the right track. I got 26 more drills with the national guard know that I decided to not get the MMRB (militarty medical review board) and finish my time out. I took a reduction in rank this weekend due to not being able to fullfill my commit to go to school after my surgery, and I don't have enough time to to go to the school before I get out of the Guard. We had a PT test this weekend and know I can hardley walk cause I am so sore. I went and seen Paula in Indiana for a week and had a great time. We have got to do a little letterboxing and I got to plant my first geocache. I have got alot a great commits about the hide and where I had placed it. I have been able to do a little caching since I got home I have been working on a series in Hominy Valley since I started working there. Brett and I when in Hot Springs like I talked bout during the last post had found a small jeep. While playing around online I found out that the jeep was a travel bug and last time we was together we hit several untill we was able to rehide it. I carved A new stamp the other night and I was going to go place it and found out there is another one there already of the same thing. I am plaining on going to a gathering in june if I can and I am going to hide it there instead and I am going to carve several others before then. Sarah is doing well she acts mad since I went back on shift cause when I come home she has made a mess in the house with toilet paper and other items. Paula will be here in about 2 weeks for 6 weeks externship, while she is here we are going to NYC for her to gradulate with her class. I am so proud of her. I will post more since my internet is back up and running. Kim my sister got reamrried couple weeks ago and I was best man in the wedding. I was a really nice small wedding.


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