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Sunday, January 22, 2006

This week has been a long week. It started tuesday morning after getting home monday pm from taking P to IN for school. Tuesday morning I got to work and started on the the ISO inspection that we will be having in Feb. It is the inspection by the State Fire Marshall's Office. It consist of maps, paper work, and equipment. all week we worked on the paper work mostly the training hours for the members. seemed like we would never get done and we still are not done with it all.
On Thursday night I called Brett and asked him what he wanted to do this weekend during his visit. He said go to "WWE". I went on line and found us some tickets and bought them. He very seldom asks for things and since I had a little extra money this week I decided that I would take him. Saturday morning I picked him up and went to Walmart and got some poster board. We then went to Jackson's western wear to find me a new pair of boots and could not find any that I liked. We then went to Ingles and did some shopping. We needed to eat this weekend. When we got home we had 3 posters to take with us to WWE. Today we went and watched the show. Brett really enjoyed it and we had a fun time watching all the matches. We took alot of pictures and I am going to print them off for him once I figure out how to do that. When we left and was driving down the highway Brett asked where his camera was and I told him that he had it and we started looking around and could not find it. He had left it at the civic center. He got a T-shirt, wrestling mask and a program while at the wrestling event.
When I got home after taking him home I started working on cropping the pics from this camera that I had. I found out that the camera that I have is not the best camera. It really ate the batteries and the pics was not the best.
P found out this week that she could walk with her class but would not get her degree till she finished early next year. She decided that she would walk with her class so I will be taking a road trip in June to NYC and then I am going to Visit family and Friends in Ct. I think I am getting excided about both. I have not been "home" to Ct in 8 years and I really can't wait till then.
While I was in IN a local family the Carvers had some bad news come to them. Their son Mitch Carver a pilot with the 10th Mountain Div had been shot down in Iraq. I found out on Tuesday after returning to work. On friday evening we all (the community) all paid our respects to the family. They had a service on Saturday for Mitch Carver. Today they flew him back toWashington D.C. with his family. 5 buses had been donated or leased by private people so that friends and family could go to Washington D.C. and be at Arlington Cemetery on Monday.
God bless this man and his family for he is a true American "HERO". He gave his life for all of us. So that we can do the things that we do daily like writting this blog.


At 5:28 PM, Blogger Doc P said...

Awwww, babe....that post about Mitch made me cry. You are right, it is sad that we need to be reminded that we can not take anything for granted. This country owes everything it is about to him and all of the men and women who have sacrificed before him. I am glad you made it to the funeral home, I know it must have been a comfort to the family.
And...I am glad you are excited about coming to NYC with me. You are very important to me and it means a lot that you will be by my side.
I love ya!


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