Chief Jim

Sunday, January 29, 2006

This has been another long week tring to get things finished before having our ISO rating inspection sometime before the week of Feb 7th. If you don't know what a ISO rating is it is a inspection by the state to determan what your fire insurance rates will be. This week the guys and I worked and finshed the training files and started on the dailey truck check offs. We have worked on this for the last 2 days this last week. Over all it is going well I think, But only time will tell. We should be done with that area early this next week. I can't wait to be done with thing. This week we will be working late alot to finish things up. I want to have everything layed out so when they come they can just pick up a folder and move on down the table.
Friday I heard Josh talking on the phone and stating that he wished he could have came to a training burn that night so I told him to go and that I would cover for him. So off the went and Damon , Glen and I sat around and ate chili that Damon had made. I ate so much that I had to take a nap. We cleaned the station and then let smokie the firehouse dog in. She ran around and played. When I finally started moving again around 11:30 pm I was drinking some Mountain Dew and was holding my glass in my hands infront of me and smokie came over and started to lick the outside of my glass. If you know me I can't stand even some person drinking after me so you can tell the drink was over for me. I decided to let her drink some of the Mountain Dew and you sould have seen her with the bubbles hitting her nose. Well It gave her a suger rush and she sarted going like 900 MPH around the station. About then josh got back and I finally got home around 12:15 saturday morning.
So since I got home I have left the house a total of 3 times 1 time to go and get drink at the store, 1 time for a call, and the last time to go and pay my rent. The call was a brush fire just down the road and when I got out of car 18 I hit the lock button. I had to get Brush 18 to run me home so that I could get the spare key and get back into car 18.
All I have done all weekend was clean on the house, play on line.
Well everyone have a good week.
The pics are looking out from Mount Mitchell State Park in North Carolina


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