Chief Jim

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Well if you have been reading the blog then you know that I am going to have a inspection for the fire dept. Well got a email this week that they will be there on thbe 14th of Feb. at 300 pm. That gives me another week to finish what little is left to be completed. This week seemed to go on forever. Lets see Monday worked over so that Damon could attend class, Tuesday was a Board of Directors meeting, Wednesday went to Sylvia for a visitation for a friends dad. Thursay work late for something can't remeber what. So I had worked late everynight except friday.
Not much more has happened.
This weekend that to attend the national gaurd. last month had to turnin all shirt tops and coats so that they could have our new unit patch put on it. well showed up on Saturday with no top and they asked where my top was and I stated that I turned it in so the patches could be replaced and they asked if I had kept one out and I stated no and they said I should have. I stated that I asked about it and was told I needed to turn them all in and we would get them back before drill. then they came to me and said that I needed to get a fit for duty. with to come and find out means that I would need to see a gov. doc and then they could keep me as a MP, say no MP work but iI could do something else and be moved units to any place in the state, or be medical discharged. Well then later I helped set up for lunch and then helped in the arms rooms the remainder of the day. The supply Sgt came to me near the end of the day and asked if I would like to temp hold the NBC NCOIC slot. I thought about it all night and this morning I went to him and told him I would take a reduction in grade and hold it till I get to retire in 2 years. This was because of my new Platoon Sgt. I do not agree on how he is treating the guys in the platoon. On saturday after we busted our butts to get the inspections done on the vehicles he collected the paper work and said "you all need to get in the class room for a class right know" then on sunday he had taken me out of my slot as 2nd squad leader and and placed me as 3rd squad leader and placed someone that just got E-5 and phase I MP school into my place. If you don't understand then that was a slap in the fac


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