Chief Jim

Sunday, March 12, 2006

wild weekends

I know it has been a couple weeks since I have posted. Week last time i posted kim had been here with cody for the weekend. Well we had got my pants for the wedding and when she got home she called and said to return the pants cause they was the wrong ones. Well that week was a short week. Had board of Directors meeting on Monday after we had our pics taken for the fire dept. the meeting was really long and thought it was never going to end. We had a big discussion about changing people around and hiring 3 more people. Then on Thursday we had a long day with brush fires we had a 8 acres and then a really small one that I I pulled up to while going home and then later that night we had about a half acre fire. Finally got to be around 200 am and had to get up at 0530 for the national gaurd. yes it was national gaurd weekend again. Had to be at Fort Jackson on Friday and guess who was chosen to drive. You guessed correct here I was with little sleep and had to drive 4 hours to there. We then had to go and do some crazy thing with weapons. We got to go to the PX and clothing and sales. We got back on Sunday and I finally got out of there around 730 that night. We had no meeting on monday ause we had a fire control class scheduled on tuesday and thursday and I got a call at 658 tuesday night as I was walking into a meeting and they stated that the instructor was a no show. I was able to talk to the person that is over the class from the college and he came back to me and stated that the class had never been scheduled. On Wednesday I had to go to McDowell CC to register everyone for the fire school next weekend. Then Wednesday afternoon had a meeting with all the chiefs from every department in the county and the prisedent of the CC about building a training facility in the county seeing we have appx 500 paid firefighters and 1500 volunteers in the county and we have no training facility's.. Thurday and Friday I caught up on paper work and waited onn the state to fax me paper work that I have been needing. Friday afternoon I went and picked up Brett and on saturday morningwe went Geocaching and Letterboxing. We just started Geocaching and we got to the first one and we finally figured out that it was on the other side of the river and went across the bridge and when we got there it was showing about 400 feet up the mountain. Well it started out on the Appalachian Trail , well then it showed straight up the mountain and up me and Brett went. we climbed and climbed. When we got near the top near Hell at the top we found the trail again I was so mad We had climbed for over a hour at time grabbing limbs so we would not fall. but we made it and safely. we then went after another box after walking the trail doen that took us 15 minutes and walked to the next one that we was going to be a first finder on and when we got there it had been found that morning by then I was getting pissed. Well we walked back to the truck and got something cold to drink and it had been 3 and 1/2 hours, we had forgot our water in the truck so we drank from a stream like the old days out of our hands. Brett kept asking about how bad that was for us. We then had lunch more like dinner since it was 400pm and then cach and boxed till dark. on Sunday I got a e-mail about my hitchhiker for letterboxing and someone had found it and planted it as a regular box. so we had to deal with that this am and then me and Brett went out caching for the afternoon. I finally go him home about 430 pm and got home answering emails about the hitch hiker. Well this week is going to be long wtith 3 days of training and finishing the paper work that I started last week. Well all take care and will post again hope next week. pic is of the mountain that we took the long way up and Brett at the top of the mountain over looking Hot Springs NC


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