Chief Jim

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Well its been a couple weeks since I last posted so I am going to try and catch evveryone up. The week after National gaurd I got premission from my landlord to get a cat. i had been having problems with mice from the field below the house here. I think it was from the warm weather we was having and then it started getting cold again so they was looking for some where warm to stay. Her name is Sara and she is a grey tabby. Sara is 11 months old. I got her from the Buncombe County animal shelter. Rest of the week went pretty well till Friday when I was to get Brett and it started snowing and I was not able to get him. Called my sister Melissa on saturday night and she had got 27.5 inches of snow in 24 hours and it was still snowing in CT. We got about 7 inches here in Leicester. It finally cleared off on monday. On tuesday was our big inspection from the state for our rating system. They stated we did a really great job considering we hada change over in coomand and to keep up the good job. After a long week at work I finally got to pick Brett up on friday evening and spent the day on saturday with him. When we woke it on saturday it was iceing and then it started snowing. We hope that it clears off for saturday this way we can got to town. On valentines day I sent Paula a star named after her. She sent me to a fleece shirt that is great and warm. Well I know that this is not much but its bed time.


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