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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sister comes and visits

Well I can't believe that it is Sunday again already. This last week started out long but slowed down by the end of the week. On Monday night we had training at the fire dept on personal protective equipment. On Tuesday we had a we had a special board meeting on some personal actions. We got them just about all the way resolved. Wednesday Thursday was about normal. On Friday everything was going good till the accountant called and said she needed to talk to the treasurer and it was urgent after work I went to get Brett and came come we ended up watching wresleing. We got up on Saturday and headed to town. On the way we tried our hand at Geocaching. We was not faring to well till we called paula and she started helping us the best she could over the phone. We ended up getting 8 out of 12. We then went to K-Mart and did some shopping that I have been needing to do. I ended up buying Brett and Cody a Dale Jr pillow. Sara got a couple new toys got home and about a hour later my sister Kim called said she would be here in a few minutes. Kim and Cody got here around 530 pm and we sat around till that evening and then we started looking for some place for her and Dennis to go on their honeymoon. They are getting married on April 22nd. We found several places that was really nice but cost a bit more than I would have paid to stay. The kids played well together they played checkers, with john Deere toys and Sara. Today we got up and went to Ryan's and had lunchthen went to the mall and found my pants for the wedding. We then went to Michael's and A.C. Moores and found several things that Kim needed for the wedding. We finished the day by taking Brett home and coming back to the house. When we got back Kim and Cody headed out to home and I layed down and started watching the race, I awoke and the race was still on and I got to see the endof the race it was good till Tony Stewart blew his engine and had to drop out of the race. Well this is all I have this week. Everything have a safe week.


At 5:51 PM, Blogger P said...

I still insist that I shold get credit for those finds, too....whatcha say??


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